Coach & Team Registration Terms and Conditions

Coach & Team Registration Terms and Conditions

I acknowledge by submitting this form:

1. I am registering a team to participate in the Coptic Orthodox Sports Ministry program (The Coptic League) and take full responsibility for this team.

2. All servants/coaches of this team have been given approval from their parish church priest to firstly register this team and secondly to be the servants/coaches for this team.

3. We understand that our role as head or assistant coach servants goes beyond sports and that we are to be role models, youth leaders, and an aide for the youth. We further understand that this is a Christian sports league, which is more than just sports.

4. We must supervise and be responsible in controlling spectators, cleaning up the facilities after each game and abide by all league rules.

5. That this team registration form can only be submitted with the league fee (payment plans available through paypal).

6. That we will attend any meetings in relation to the league as coaches.